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Best water filter pitcher reviews and Ultimate Guide 2019

Everyone wants to get best water filter pitcher but sometimes it is a difficult task. In our water filter pitcher reviews, we wrote about how to choose the best pitcher water filter. Water filter pitchers are designed to create a convenient way of getting fresh, clean and healthy water by eliminating tap water impurities such as copper, zinc, mercury, and chlorine. They are easier to maintain and install for both home and office use. They are popularly preferred for their ability to enhance saving on bottled water expenses and conserving the environment through the reduced existence of plastic bottles. Besides, the available filters are quality and safe for use since they have to be first registered with legal bodies such as NSF and ISO bodies before the commencement of service.

PUR DS-1800Z
Removes: chemicals, bad taste and odor in water
MAVEA 1001125 Elemaris XL
Removes: chlorine taste and odor, industrial pollutants, heavy metals and agricultural chemicals
Brita 10 cup everyday
Removes: chlorine taste and odor, zinc taste, copper, mercury and cadmium
Aqua Gear Water filter Pitcher
Removes Fluoride & lead-150 gallon filter Aqua Gear Filter-clear
ZeroWater ZP-010
Removes: lead, chromium and mercury, chlorine taste and door

Best water filter pitcher for drinking water

The 10-cup capacity Brita Everyday pitcher as per our review is the best for drinking water, it removes chlorine taste, zinc taste, copper, mercury, and cadmium.

best brita water filter pitcher 10 cup

We have put it at the top of the list of pitcher water filter since it can produce up to 40 gallons of clean healthy water, the filter lasts for about two months before it can be changed and it has a sticker filter indicator that can help one keep track of when to change the filter.                             

Brita is the most recognizable in the water filtration industry. Inexpensive, user-friendly and convenient.The 10-cup pitcher is large and thus making it Ideal for most offices and households.The Pitcher is user-friendly in that the lid is easily removed for cleaning and filters replacement. To change the filter is flushed under cold water for 15 seconds, insert the reservoir and fill the reservoir to start filtering water.  

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Does a Brita water filter remove fluoride from tap water?
No Brita water filter can not fully remove fluoride. You can remove fluoride by using Tulasi leaves. It is a medicinal plant. It is scientifically proved that it can reduce 90-95% fluoride from drinking water.

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Best home water filter pitcherPur water pitcher

One of the most convenient and cheap ways of getting clean water at home is a water filter pitcher. The PUR DS-1800Z, in our review, is the top pick it removes chemicals, bad taste and odor in water and has a capacity of 18 cups. With the 18-cup capacity, this PUR dispenser is one with unique features a carbon filter that can remove from water up to 95% of mercury, reduce chlorine, levels of pharmaceuticals and reduce chlorine. Water tastes good and still has the beneficial fluoride since the filter is certified to remove 13 contaminants. The filters life is 40 gallons of water, with its slim design its saves space if you want to store in the fridge and convenient when refilling in the sink. 

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 Soma 10-cup Water Filter PitcherBest Soma water filter picher

The water filter pitcher is designed with Shatter-proof, appears stunning and completely fits in any fridge which makes it both better for individuals as well as the environment. It is able to carry 10-cups or rather 80 oz of crisp, advanced and new energizing filtered water in addition to its power of incredibly decreasing dangerous contaminants that are usually inhabited in tap water such as mercury, copper, and chlorine. Moreover, its housing is produced from renewable inputs leading to the minimal carbon footprint. The water filter specifically attributes coconut-shell carbon besides a plant-originated cover that results in an awesome feeling about water. Every filter is valuable for approximately two months. Legally, the soma filter has been tested under the certification of water quality association for purposes of reducing chlorine odor and taste as well as zinc along decreasing of mercury and copper, both certifications awarded under NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 respectively.

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The Alkaline Water Pitcher-2.5 litersbest Water filter pitcher

The water filter is produced by Lake Industries that gives individuals filtered water containing essential minerals and nutrients which highly give the most excellent alkaline water for drinking. Besides, it encompasses the usage of a 7-stepped filter cartridge which contains carbon that accelerates the removal of heavy metals and sediments. The carbon is an ION swap resin in addition to mineral balls and tourmaline which greatly add to helpful minerals and nutrients which facilitate drinking water PH level. Despite it is popularly known to remove fluoride through its ION swap resin, the resin applied in alkaline water pitcher by the lake industries is yet to be confirmed whether it really eradicates fluoride.

Therefore, it is recommended that individuals fix a reverse osmosis system of water filter under the sink and afterward utilize the water in the alkaline water pitcher. On the other hand, activated alumina filter needs to be purchased to eradicate available fluoride. Generally, the water pitcher by Lake Industries eliminates about 90% available lead, copper, zinc among other pollutants. The pitcher is produced out of food-grade, free from BPA materials with a slender design that effortlessly fits in all refrigerators. Additionally, it contains a lid that automatically fits on the reservoir and a spout that comfortably dispense the water.

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 Aqua Gear Water filter Pitcher

water filter pitcher reviews
Removes Fluoride& lead-150 gallon filter Aqua Gear Filter-clear

Aqua gear has been termed the best in filtering tap water. It has been proven under ISO 17025 certified lab tests. Hence, it is capable of eliminating some of the most common and harmful tap water pollutants such as mercury, lead, zinc, fluoride, and chlorine up to 99.99%. Hence, the aqua gear water filter pitcher provides a total healthy protection from tap water impurities. The pitcher contains 150 gallons which show that its water filters last longer, therefore, leading to long term extra savings as well as fewer hassles. Moreover, it has a full-time guarantee which means that any breakage or fault experienced while operating the filter pitcher will be taken care of by experts, making it the best, healthier, fresher and cleaner tasting drinking water.

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Zero Water 10 cup Pitcher 

Zero water filter pitcher
Free TDS Meter (Total Dissolved Solids)-ZP-010

Zero water pitcher provides fresher and cleaner water by use of 5-stepped filtration procedure which gives a perfect water filtration as compared to traditional carbon filters. Additionally, it conveniently fits in any refrigerator and is more affordable and efficient than every available filter. Water treated within a municipality often carries some chemicals on its transportation to individuals’ from treatment plant leading to a chlorinated or metallic tap water.

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Even if you live in a municipality that cleans or treats water, water can pick up chemicals on its way from the treatment plant to your faucet, giving your tap water a metallic or chlorinated taste. Water that’s purified with a Zero Water Pitcher, however, tastes the way water should: crisp, clean, and fresh.

Contrary to other traditional carbon or gravity-fed filters that only eradicate specific impurities, zero water certified system of ion exchange gives absolute 000 parts per million (PPM) on the TDS measure. It has the only system that eliminates several minerals under NSF international certification, making it the best system that measures up to FDA description of disinfected bottled water. It is not only known for its ability to enhance water taste but also for its contribution to conserving the environment through reduction of bottled water usage as well as its gravity operation leading to less consumption of electricity.

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Brita Stainless Steel Water Filter Pitcher +2Filtersbrita pitcher coupon

The water filter delivers a healthy and wonderful tasting drinking water for fewer pennies. Moreover, it is free from BPA and incredibly eliminates pollutants like chlorine, copper, mercury, cadmium, and zinc in tap water. It has a capacity of 8 cups making it convenient for office or home use. Its current stainless steel appearance gives a dash of stylish home décor. Additionally, just one water filter can substitute about 300-500ml water bottles leading to reduced expenses on water.

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PH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer By Invigorated Water

best water filter pitcher reviews
2 Long-Life Filters, 118oz, 3.5L, Filtered Water Purifier Machine, High pH Natural Filtration System, Enhanced 4th Gen 2017 Model(White)

It is widely known to have the ultimate system of producing purified water. RESTORE distributes naturally tasting and healthy rich pH consumable water. Taking filtered alkaline and ionized water increases healthy living through body detoxification caused by impurities like chlorine, fluoride, mercury, and zinc. Eventually, metabolism improves leading to desired body weight and elimination of water contaminants’ diseases.  This is achieved by the active involvement of great negative ORP and antioxidants that help in raising energy levels and immunity.

PH water filter pitcher

pH RESTORE provides a brand latest block-free filter that aids in meeting the desires of global water purification. The water purifier Ionizer is free from BPA and contains food grade SAN and PP plastic. It has certification from NSF, USGS and is water quality association member. Its most current design encompasses digital measure allowing users to know when to change their filters. In addition, this pitcher contains 3.5litres of smooth, alkaline and silky filtered water alongside two durable filters.


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water filter pitchers are designed to create a convenient way of achieving fresh, clean and healthy water. They are generally affordable, durable with long lasting warranties from distributors. Water filtration pitchers are a convenient way to get clean, refreshing drinking water whenever you want it. Generally, they help both offices and homes in saving a lot of expenses on buying bottled water in addition to its contribution to conserving the environment. Some of the globally recognized models include; Soma 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher, The Alkaline Water Pitcher and Aqua gear Water Filter Pitcher. Additionally, they include; Aqua Gear Filter, ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher, Brita Stainless Steel Water Filter Pitcher and pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer By Invigorated Water, Enhanced 4th Gen 2017 Model(White).                                                                                                                                  

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