Best Water Purifier Reviews –Make your water safe in your life

The best water purifier is one that will remove most impurities from your water without reducing the essential minerals in water that the body needs. There are various brands in the market that help to purify the water, but the Brita brand comes to the top with high quality water purifying pitchers available at affordable prices. They have indicators that are fitted into them that alert the user when the filter needs to be changed. Brita has water purifiers in various designs and sizes that can almost fit anywhere in the house or workplace as well as the refrigerator. Brita also produces faucet mounted water purifiers that are cost effective thus making it affordable for the whole family.

Water logic

Product Dimensions 9.8 x 5.5 x 12 inches

Product Features:   water free from 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses and 99.9% of cysts. Instant purified water.

Aquasana Rhino EQ-300

Product Dimensions 9 x 46 x 27 inches

Product Features: reduces 97% of the chlorine coming into your home through the municipal water supply. three water filtration stage

​Life straw

Product Dimensions 8.86 x 0.98 x 8.86 inche

Product Features : Purifies18,000 liters/4755 gallons without iodine, chlorine, or other chemicals. removes 99.99% viruses


Product Dimensions 15 x 15 x 9 inches

Product features: Super-fast filtration, Mineral stone carbon charcoal Filters

SteriPEN Ultra

Product Dimensions 11.1 x 10.5 x 4.5inches

Product features : simple, versatile, and effective water purification, easy to take anywhere.

Panasonic Alkali

Product Dimensions​1.6 x 1.3 x 7.3 inches

Product features: Super-fast filtration, Mineral stone carbon charcoal Filters

Therefore choosing the best water purifier for the family is not easy one need to surround themselves with the knowledge and understanding of water purifiers in the market. So that the buyer is able to purchase the best water purifier as for there need whether for home or office. Most important your water supply will guide you to which water purifier to use since you will know what impurities you can get rid of. The best water purifier also uses various technologies such as Reverse osmosis, Ultra-violet and ultrafiltration therefore the best technology will depend if the water purifier is to be used for home or office. The Brita brand is a very reliable brand since it lasts a long time and is affordable.

When it comes to the best water purifier for home use one needs to get one that is simple to use and can easily be fitted without any plumber, should be affordable and resourceful.The Aquasana Rhino EQ-300 is one of the best water purifiers for home in the market it is equipped with a shut-off device that controls water flow, has the Installation components and a pre-filter. it is number 1 class ranking and its performance is UL certified.

​​The house water purifiers in the market have been improved in design, are affordable to give the customer best quality water for the home for better health for the family. There is now a wide range of selection in the market since home water purifiers have become common in homes these days. House water purifiers are environmentally friendly and safe for home, and offer better taste of water for drinking and cooking as compared to bottled or tap water.

When you purchase a home water purifier you are provided with documentation that shows the quality water that you will receive from using the purifier this is key in ensuring that you drink water that is better for your health and family.

The Aquasana Rhino house water purifier is the best due to the great taste and smell that it produces by reducing the impurities and chemicals in the water, thus giving high quality water to the user whether it is for cooking, drinking or washing. Aquasana does not waste water and does not require back flushing. It can be located in the basement, water closet and the primary filtration system has a long lifespan of up to 3 years before it is changed.

Additional feature of the aquasana rhino house water purifier

  • Less expensive and healthy lifestyle.
  • Improve the skin and hair of the family as it is used for bathing and drinking.
  • Reduction of chlorine and microorganisms up to levels of 99% .
  • UL or NSF certification.

Finally an aquasana Rhino house water purifier is simple to use affordable and space –conscious and it is the leading product in the market for home users and can easily be purchased online.

Best portable water purifier

​When planning for a trip whether it is a trip to another country or hiking or going for a safari with wife and children, and you need clean water free from impurities for you to drink or your children you will need a portable water purifier.The Portable water purifier is best since you can walk around with water that is clean and safe of contaminants and impurities where you are unsure of getting clean and safe drinking water. You can get a chemical water purifier and non-chemical water purifiers from the market today. The chemical water purifiers are based on iodine and chlorine treatment, while the non-chemical water purifiers available use a variety of filtration systems to reduce contaminants in water.

When purchasing a portable water purifier some ideas that you can use include getting an understanding of a water filter and a water purifier since this two are different. A water filter will remove particles through the filter as water is poured into it but will not remove the chemicals and bacteria in the water, which is done by the purifier.

​Steripen water purifier

Secondly you need to know what you need it for if you want one that is light and does not occupy a lot of space in your luggage the Steripen water purifier is your best bet since it very small portable water purifier otherwise if its chemicals you want to reduce in your water the Katadyn micropur purification tablets are the best though you have to ensure the taste of the water does not displease you since this changes the taste of the water.

The Katadyn manufactures water bottles that you can combine the bottle and the purifier while the Berkey model offer various portable water purifiers powered by gravity thus reducing cost of electricity and the last type are the ones that are light mostly used by the army known as first need water purifiers this are just a few of the best most sought for portable water purifiers.

​SteriPEN ultra water purifier is proven to be harmless and effective, reducing bacteria and viruses up to 99.99% that cause illness to the body. It has a user friendly Organic Light Emitting Diodes display (OLED), portable solar panel and the ultra UV treats up to 8,000 litters. The water quality association has tested and certified the SteriPEN and it has met there water purifier standard.


The SteriPEN ultra water purifier has good speed in filtering water in a very short time. Additionally it is portable in that it will fit anywhere in your bag pack or pocket.


Some of the disadvantages is that you have to charge the batteries if you are going where there is no electricity or else the SteriPEN would end up being useless.

Best water purifier pitcher

The best water purifier pitcher would be the PUR Classic since it reduces most of the impurities and pours well, easy to hold and easy to refill than other water filters. The water has a good taste and it has a long life span. The PUR system is NSF certified and removes all the smell. It also reduces up to 12 waterborne diseases such as chlorine. It also strengthens the teeth since it does not remove fluoride from the water. Installing the PUR system is easy and straightforward; the filters is installed by aligning a pair of tabs, then drop the filter into its slot and fit a tight seal to secure the filter.

The PUR has indicators in the system that flashes green to show that it is okay and yellow to show that the filter needs to be replaced soon enough or red to replace the filter immediately. The system can filter up to 40 gallons which can last up to 3 ​months for you to change the filter. It has a small lip on the lid to help in removal and cleaning of the filter. The PUR also can hold up to 2.6 liters of water and its upper tank is of good size and very efficient when it comes to holding water. Finally it is very affordable and offers good performance and efficiency.

The Different Types of Water Purifier

Survivor Filter PRO-LE Upgraded 0.01 Micron Nanofiltration Water Purifier

  • Assembled with Enhanced Internal Carbon and Ultra Filter.
  • The Cleanable 100,000 Liter Ultra Filter Pre-Filter.
  • Attachable Water Cup
  • Extended Hoses
  • Hose Clip and a Free Zippered Carrying Case

The survivor filter PRO is fast flow rate and fully compact in that it filters 500 ml per minute and is 16.5 cm long. It has three ways it can be used directly from fresh water pumped into attached cup or pumped into any portable hydration device thus the best for filtering for a large number of people or the entire family. It removes 99.9% of virus and bacteria and also heavy metals such as Mercury. The replicable ultra filters can be re-used up to 100,000 liters before replacing.

PH RECHARGE Countertop Water Filtration System

  • High pH Alkaline Ionizer Water Purifier Dispenser
  • 2.4 Gallon (9L)
  • Super-Fast Filtration

The PH RECHARGE countertop water filtration system is the best when it comes to clean, filtered and purified water. It is best for home and office use. Water is easily absorbed, and it helps in weight loss and slows down the aging process due to the detoxifying oxygenated, structured, micro clustered feature thus preventing and reducing illness. It is certified SGS by NSF and water quality association.

Waterlogic WL-3101 Firewall Hybrid Home Water Purifier

Enjoy clean water with the highest certified waterlogic WL-3101 firewall hybrid home water purifier in the market, which uses a high efficiency carbon block filter and UV system surrounded with Biocote antimicrobial protection to reduce impurities and bad smell in water. Even better it reduces up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, chlorine and lead in the water. In addition it is affordable since it can dispense up to 19,000 bottles of purified water at a very cost effective price. The Waterlogic Firewall Hybrid Home Water Purifier is simple to use and install by just plugging it in then filling and it is ready to use. Have a UV sensor, a filter timer and a maintenance advice that will help in monitoring the system.

CNCShop Water Distiller Water Distillation Purifier 

The CNCShop water distiller is an affordable and effective water purifier that has a 4-liter distiller machine, the all stainless steel internal 4L purifier is effective, easy to use for home, work place and hospitals and ensures the distillation procedure is okay so as to enable the user get quality water that the body needs. There is a temperature control system that automatically shuts the device after distillation process is complete.


CNCShop water distiller removes all impurities such as minerals, toxins that are in water and the stainless steel ensures no rust is in water thus making it safe by providing water that can be used by children.


Aside from these it has disadvantages whereby the plastic exterior is a major concern to those who use it and after distillation it produces a smell which is not pleasant though this is common among distillers.

                                                                 Finally is a little time consuming since it takes some time to produce the water required.

Boston Fortis Explorer Pro

The Boston Fortis Explorer Pro is most effective portable outside filter on the market. It ensures safe, good tasting water. Easy to use and utilize in that cleaning is very easy without any other equipment required. New advanced 3 stage filter with filtration and laboratory tested and certified to remove up to 99% of bacteria. With extra Emergency features such as a compass, whistle, flashlight and knife which are good for Hiking, Backpacking, explorations and camping. With a super-fast flow rate of up to 500ml per minute: size 6.6x3.1x1.8 inches and light weight also comes with a detailed manual making it simple to use.

Panasonic Alkali Ion Water Purifier [japan Import](pinkgold)

The Panasonic Alkali ion water purifier is one of the best water purifier in the market most sought by customers due to the quality of water it produces. It has a clean water cartridge, one bag of glycerophosphate calcium a pH examination liquid fixture set and a coin form lithium battery. The consumption of electricity is effective approximately 48w maximum. Its size width 10.0* depth 9.5* 25.0cm in height water purifier width 13.5* depth 12.5* 7.5cm in height. Being one of the latest produced models buyers can get best discounts on the Panasonic Alkali ion water purifier in the market than any other water purifier.

GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier [+ FILTER] BOTTLE

The GRAYL Ultralight water purifier enables the user to purify water anywhere; the ultra-light is perfect for trotting the world, hiking, adventures and emergency kits. It provides protection from bacteria and viruses and heavy metals. It is mind blowing simple to use and very effective. It can also be used by a group of people since it can purify up to 40 gallons of water. Additionally it improves the health and flavor of the water due to the impurities it removes without reducing the minerals required by the body when filtering the water

LifeStraw Mission High-Volume Gravity-Fed Water Purifier

​The lifestraw Mission is a gravity powered water purifier. High capacity and uses a hollow membrane that removes all bacteria, virus and protozoa. Is easy to use and maintain since it does not need chemicals or batteries and has a long life span filtration capacity of up to 18,000 liters. Requires no electrical power or batteries replacement and all materials are BPA free and US FDA standards.


T​he disadvantage is it does not use iodine to remove iodinated chemicals.

How to use LifeStraw Mission High-Volume Gravity-Fed Water Purifier

LifeStraw Family 1.0 Water Purifier

The Lifestraw family 1.0 water purifier is a remarkable water filter system in the market, mostly used where conditions are miserable, are easy to use and provide clean and tasty water for up to 3 years before it is replaced for at least a family of 5. Some of its features is it filters up to 4,750 gallons of water removes bacteria to levels up to 99.99%, does not use electrical power and no batteries


Finally some of the disadvantages of the lifestraw family 1.0 will not remove chemicals and salt and will not withstand freezing or cold climate this can cause damage to the water purifier.

Buyer’s guide to choosing the best water purifier

A water purifier is known also as a water filter it helps provide clean free drinking water from the tap that also has a good smell. The regular purchase of bottle water is very expensive thus water filters are cost effective and environmental friendly. There are various devices produced by Brita, PUR, Whirlpool, General Electric and Aquasana which help get rid of impurities such as Chlorine and heavy metals such as Mercury, copper and Lead from water and ensure humans have better health. The water purifiers also prevent the transmission of waterborne diseases.

For home users there are two water filtration systems which can be used the carbon filtration systems and reverse osmosis systems. Water purifiers can be categorized by the way they deliver water to the users these are from a stand- alone water purifier, from a pitcher, a countertop container and lastly from a faucet pitcher. When choosing the right water purifiers there are some factors the buyer can consider so as to get quality and good service.

The level of purification that is suitable since this increases from single carbon filtration to dual carbon filtration to reverse osmosis.

Secondly, the price should be taken into consideration and it also increases as you move from a single carbon filtration to reverse osmosis.

Thirdly, the space which the water purifier will occupy is key if it is for home or work space. If it’s to be kept in the refrigerator the pitchers are the best, countertop purifiers require counter space, for the faucet-mounted purifiers need space around the faucet and the under-the-counter purifiers require space under the sink

Finally, the use of the water purifier whether it is for home, hospital or work place.

Additionally, when it comes to buying a water purifier the supermarkets will likely sell pitchers not countertop or under-the-counter purifiers. Some can be purchased through the website locally such as ebay or amazon and mostly manufacturers give the location where there products can be found. Second hand purifiers can also be found online but these do not have warranties. A point to not is to ensure that the water filter is certified by NSF.

How does one use a water Purifier?

Water purifiers are simple to use after installation thought the reverse osmosis system is different when it comes to cleaning the membrane.

Where does one use a water purifier?

The water purifier can be used on shower heads, on faucets, under the sink and in pitchers. The cost effective one is the whole house system which provides solutions in the entire home.

What are the features of a water purifier?

The water purifiers have various features the fluoride filtration which removes fluoride impurities from water. The VOC filtration with a 100% coconut shell carbon filter which removes chlorine and organic chemicals. The Nitrate filtration which removes nitrates that occur in drinking water, the arsenic filtration designed to reduce arsenic in water from the tap lastly we have MTBE filtration, Methyl-tertiary-butyl-ether mostly reduces gasoline from drinking water.

The Bottom Line

A water purifier is the best device to ensure that you take clean water for better health therefore it is important to research and understand how a water purifier works and the benefits of different types. So that you can save money and as well get quality of service, convenience on the water purifier you choose for your home or work place. All the models for water purification we have recommended in the review are certified by NSF for removal of impurities and are made from BPA- free materials.

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